Service to elevators and large size bins

Adalia offer the most up-to-date control measures for the elimination of unwanted pests in elevators and mills, such as:

  • In-transfer Aluminium Phosphide application
  • gas injection, Eco-fume or other
  • structural treatment against meal moths

Adalia is also a depositary and distributor for theProtect-it™.

This high quality product has proven to be very effective for the control of unwanted insects in flour mills, elevators and more specifically in “organic” certified establishments.

This non-toxic product is though to be one of the future alternatives to Methyl Bromide, that is widely used in the industry.

A version of the Phoshine Generator technology from Degesch America or ECO-Fume from Cytec are also available to fumigate large size bins.

Those perfectly adapted tools, proves to be very effective in low temperatures conditions, of short exposure time availability or if space for transfer is unavailable.