Adalia has a quality system for the all of its operations, therefore ensuring to its customers, consistancy in the appliaction of its services as well as the continuous improvement of its pest management programs.

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Fumigations onboard merchant ships are regulated by Transport Canada.

For supplemental informations about safety onboard ships and in-transit fumigations, you can reach us directly as follows :
514-852-3010 or 1-800-661-1420 (toll free)

see also official site Transport Canada.

International standards for safe in-transit fumigation.
based on International Maritime Organizationrecommendations

Fumigation in American port with transit in Canada for bunker; (Gas free certificate)
The Canadian regulation;
Canadian maritime law: SOR/89-106.

Worldly renowned, the American Institute of Baking act as the guardian of the food processing industry. AIB has elaborated and applied strict and very well detailed control and surveillance standards. These standards include a specific chapter about pest management programs applicable in the industry.

It includes details concerning the elaboration of a suitable monitoring network, minimal service frequencies, specific points to inspect, detection and capture equipment maintenance as well as the proper mandatory documentation.

Adalia has built its ADAMAX® program based on these criterias.
You can count on us to set-up a control program meeting the highest standards and be assured that you will succeed an AIB audit any time.